Tax Filing

Here at MNA Financial Services we file your personal, cooperate taxes and do cooperate auditing. We serve all the services with consultation with Tax and Financial Planning. We are professionals in HST Tax rebate for new homes also. Contact Us for an appointment NOW!
The following are the services we offer in Tax Filing
  • Taxation Services
  • Audit Services
  • Corporate tax planning
Taxation Services
MNA Financial services will work with you to help you to minimize your taxes ensuring you get the deductions you are entitled to and get maximum refund. We can assist you with the following on Personal Taxation:
  • Preparation of income tax returns.
  • E-filing.
  • Preparation of GST, HST and payroll tax returns FOR if you are Real-Estate Agent, mortgage agent and other self-employed profession as sole-proprietor.
  • Assistance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits and voluntary disclosure matters.

Non-Resident Taxation Issues
  • Tax Planning Consulting.
  • Preparing of non-resident tax returns individual.
GST / HST for Residential / Rental Property Rebate-CLaim
MNA Financial Services specialize in helping purchasers who lease or rent their new homes or condominiums. We help you to obtain the maximum HST New Housing Rebates.
We have filed and successfully been approved for thousands of dollars of claims.
Corporate Tax Planning
Corporation tax represents a substantial part of your trading costs. Moreover, the increased reporting obligations, robust investigation policies on the part of the tax authorities, and harsher penalties for non-compliance mean that an undue amount of your time and resources can be taken up collecting revenue for the Government.
We offer a range of services to help you minimize your corporate tax exposure and relieve you of the administrative burden of complying with tax legislation. These include:
  • Determining the most tax effective structure for your business
  • Taking full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs
  • Achieving the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment
  • Reducing tax on disposals and maximizing relief on acquisitions
  • Making the most of tax opportunities specific to your industry
  • Meeting the rigorous demands of compliance including corporation tax self assessment
  • Acting on your behalf in discussions with the tax authorities
  • Efficient corporate tax planning can result in potentially significant improvements in your bottom line.
Audit Services
Though business owners traditionally regard the annual audit and preparation of annual accounts as a cost center – a necessary evil that adds no value to the business – we strive to transform it into a profit center.

Besides helping you meet the audit requirements, we also take the opportunity to conduct a review of your financial and management systems. This can often result in our identifying potential problem areas and recommending opportunities to improve your business performance. We discuss the problems and opportunities with you and help you implement any agreed solutions.

We see the preparation of your annual report as an opportunity to enhance your external image. A well-prepared report can have a considerable positive impact on the perceptions of investors, potential finance sources, customers, prospect, referral sources, and even your own staff – all of which greatly improves your business prospects for the future.