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Estate Planning

How it works
estate planning

To secure the interest of your loved ones it is important for every Canadian citizen / immigrant  to have a secure estate planning in place protecting their financial interest in the event of their unfortunate demise . The legal framework that governs the transfer of one’s estate to chosen beneficiaries necessitates careful and advanced planning. Given the uncertainty of life, it is imperative to make the necessary arrangements without delay.

By initiating the planning process early, one can take advantage of tax opportunities and maximize the amount that will be given to beneficiaries. You run a high risk of loosing a significant portion of your hard and wealth being taken by the government.

Our estate planning service is designed to address these complex issues discreetly and effectively safeguarding your future. We offer assistance with drafting and reviewing wills, optimizing lifetime transfers, transferring agricultural or business property, establishing trusts, and arranging life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities.

We strongly recommend that you commence your estate planning without delay by contacting us for a preliminary review.